What Hiring Managers Are Really Asking You

Decode these 6 Tricky Interview Questions and Answer them Smarter

Decode these 6 Tricky Interview Questions and Answer them Smarter Have you ever sat in a job interview, secretly thinking, “What did she just ask me?? What a stupid question. That has nothing to do with this job… ”Well, of course you have. Hasn’t everyone?

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7 Seconds to Victory! How First Impressions Can Steer Your Job Interview in the Right Direction

They’re called snap judgments for a reason.  People judge each other – on several important criteria – within seconds of first seeing each other.  Seconds – or even a fraction of one second. Those instants that tick by in the blink of an eye when you first meet someone.  While multiple scientific studies and opinions may differ on the exact amount of time, the fact is, our brains are busy, busy, busy, forming opinions about total strangers during those first, precious moments of facing them.

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Don’t Say That! 6 Things You Should Never Say in an Interview

There is a little piece of advice that is often dispensed to nervous job hunters as they’re about to enter an interview:  just be yourself.   It’s wise counsel.  Above all else, you should present yourself authentically.  How else can you and the interviewer proceed with an honest assessment of how you, the job and the organization might fit?

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